Become a HomePrize Sponsor

Join forces with organisations that have well-recognised and established brands to form a strong combined marketing alliance. We carefully select our sponsors to maintain brand integrity. A large part of the campaign is promoting and recommending our client’s products and services therefore it is essential that HomePrize is associated with and reflects trusted brands.

For a number of years we have been organising marketing initiatives for a number of high profile clients who have a huge investment in their individual branding and we respect their existing position in the market by ensuring that the sponsors who join us are high calibre companies. You may decide not to use the databases to directly communicate with potential customers however many of our other sponsors do this very well and regularly refer to the HomePrize campaign.

Reach more customers with HomePrize

  • Link your company with well-established brands for a successful joint marketing campaign.
  • Together we assemble a large prize package which guarantees attention.
  • The promotion is fully supported by a high value media campaign.
  • Receive invaluable research data via extensive internet promotion, regional marketing, nationwide campaigns, combined marketing opportunities and touch screen kiosks at home shows nationwide.
  • We do the work (attend Home Shows, set up the displays, process the data and email it to you within days of the events).
  • A dedicated website gathers on-line data 24 hours a day.
  • A substantial magazine and media campaign generates clients.
  • The data identifies the clients specific upgrading plans.
  • Most supply email addresses so you can contact them to promote your brand.
  • 90% of our clients have their own home
  • 62% are renovating
  • 21% are building new


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